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At Adesso, we aim to be our client’s trusted long-term partner, and as part of this goal, be a source of industry information that will help our clients and not-yet-clients in their journey to TPE.

White Papers

Helpful resources and best practices for trade promotion effectiveness in the CPG industry.

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A series of blog posts written by the Adesso team, which include industry trends, and helpful trade management advice for CPG manufacturers who may be looking for a solution partner.

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Group Discussions on LinkedIn

Trade Analysis for SMB CPG's

Wanna Talk About Trade Analysis?

The Trade Analysis for SMB Consumer Packaged Goods Companies group promotes collaboration and a community between smaller CPG companies who feel all alone when trying to compete against Tier 1 companies who have category ownership. This is a select group who have different challenges, such as less resources in terms of time and money to conduct detailed analysis.

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LinkedIn Discussion Group: Small & Startup CPG's

Join Peers in Smaller CPG Startups!

Discussions & solutions for those looking to learn more about navigating the unique & complex CPG industry. Through experience, dialogue, connections & partnering, this group strives to assist these new, emerging companies maximize their opportunity for success. Main focus revolves around trade spending, deduction management and the relationships with retailers & distributors.

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What Our Clients Say

“I appreciate the fact that they’re working on the things that matter to us. They’re pretty willing to listen; I like that. The product is getting better every day.”
- Steve Huisenga
Vice President of Sales
American Pop Corn Company
“I like the tool. There’s a lot of enhancements that are going to be better for us…our sales force and for the end user.”
- Bev Melnyk
Sr Sales Operation Manager
Ebro North America
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