Join the Adesso Community on the Journey to TPE

Adesso partners with North American small to midsize & natural-specialty CPG manufacturers to help manage trade promotions and deductions (MCBs) dramatically faster and more effectively.

With a team of Consumer Packaged Goods experts, we offer Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems, and unique trade effectiveness services that enhance the usage and accuracy of those systems. In addition, we bring together our client-partners in a structured community of CPG peers to address business issues and opportunities.

We call it Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE).

It is affordable and quick to set up. It can start out simple, and as your business becomes more complex, so does your trade management solution.

Like this sampling of our clients,
you, too, can relax about managing your trade spending!

Bel Brands USA
On-Cor Frozen Foods
Dr. Oetker
Chef’s Cut Real Jerky
Olivio Premium Products
White Castle
High Liner Foods
TH Foods
Tata Global Beverages
Jiffy Mix
Hodgson Mill
Way Better Snacks
Jennie-O Turkey Store
Once Upon A Farm
Idahoan Foods
Reynolds Consumer Products
Jel Sert Company
U.S. Nonwovens Corp.
American Pop Corn Company
E.T. Browne
Imperial Sugar
Riviana Foods Inc.
Diamond Foods
William Grant & Sons

We Suggest YOU Need

1. An easy to use, affordable & quick to set up Trade Promotion Management (TPM) System

Adesso's Flamingo Trade Promotion Management (TPM) SystemAccountability with one complete system that addresses the complexity of trade promotion management for the specific needs of the small to midsize, as well as Natural-Specialty CPG manufacturers.

Intuitive for your internal team and broker partners to enter and view plans with approval levels, contracts associated with each deal, and alerts for items that require attention.

Real-time dashboard and reporting, so you always know where your trade dollars are spent. No more spreadsheets!

2. Trade Promotion Effectiveness Services

Adesso Trade Promotion Management & Effectiveness (TPE)Access to an experienced Trade Promotion Effectiveness team and services that enhance the software through effective usage, and include initial and ongoing training for your internal team and broker partners.

This ensures your team will use of the system optimally, resulting in more accurate data.

3. An Active Community of Client-Partners

Adesso's Trade Promotion Effectiveness CommunityHave direct involvement and input into the continuing evolution of the systems and services, resulting in multiple new releases each year, as well as ongoing, frequent opportunities for industry networking and best practices learning.

You will soon see…it is our clients’ solution!

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