State Of Trade

Current State of Trade Promotion Management

We’ll say this: Tier 1 companies certainly spend a lot of money on custom trade promotion management solutions. But beyond the hype, we’ve talked to their folks in the trenches and guess what? There’s still a lot of frustration over the time, the exorbitant expense and the problems with ease of use.

So if you’re a small or medium sized manufacturer…where do you turn?

The smaller “niche” TPM providers? Many never worked in CPG. Or never managed trade promotion funds. With recent mergers, some companies have 3 or more different products. They don’t integrate with each other. Which of their products are you going to select? Will the provider still be supporting that version a year from now?

You need to manage, control and track trade spending. Check. Our Flamingo TPM system does that.

But we came from CPG. We know your issues. We feel your pain. You need more than just a TPM product. So we created a TPE community for our clients and offer Trade Management and Trade Marketing services to help you improve trade spending ROI. That’s a total solution.

Actually, maximizing your trade dollars and generating an effective ROI. Now that’s cool. We call that TPE – Trade Promotion Effectiveness.

Contact us. You’ll be able to relax.