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Adesso has a proven foundation of favorable long term clients on our Flamingo TPM system. This system has also received very positive, multiple year reviews from industry analysts for both functionality, ease of use and rapid setup. This is based upon leveraging both our team’s CPG manufacturer-side trade experience and our client-partners input for TPM system development from a “business” perspective, not just a “software/IT” perspective. So, Adesso can help you “manage” trade spending better than anyone.

But unlike any other TPM provider, we go beyond the software and offer unique Trade Management and Trade Marketing systems and services that save time, money and reduce stress to maximize your trade promotion effectiveness, what we call TPE.

The combination of a system and services is particularly helpful to our target clients that are mostly small and medium size CPG manufacturers, who also benefit from our community” based approach whereby we collectively interact and collaborate via both client committees and frequent conferences to maximize TPE for everyone.

This is all done under a philosophy to be a more client-focused company with a goal of maximizing client-satisfaction.

Pretty exciting. Very unique. No other company is doing this. And we don’t believe any other company has the talent or resources to come even close.

Adesso’s History

Launched in December 2002, we set out to create a solution to control trade promotion spending and deductions.

In September, 2007, we acquired Gelco Trade Management to create a superior and broader Trade Promotion Management solution.

Through 2011, more than 110 customers and 8,500 users utilize our trade promotion management products to process more than 300,000 trade promotions annually, representing more than $4 billion in trade spending.

That’s a significant amount of trade promotion management experience.

In 2012, we hired Fred Schroeder as President and member of our Advisory Board. Fred has significantly shifted the direction of the company from one focused on simply offering software to manage trade spending, to a focus on delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) for small and medium sized consumer packaged goods manufacturers.