Our Clients Are Relaxed…

And we are proud to share our client reviews with you…

Jerry Cook

Chief Commercial Officer
Sager Creek Vegetable Company

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“I’ve got a long history with a couple of members of this team…so I had a lot of confidence in them.”

“…very few software manufacturers get input from their clients… they are listening to their users.”

“The tool… gives us what we need to get to our trade management.”

“This was the one tool that allowed us to do both retail and foodservice together.”

Steve Huisenga

Vice President of Sales
American Pop Corn

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“The meetings today were good, you know I appreciate the fact that they’re working on the things that matter to us, they’re pretty willing to listen, I like that.”

“The product is getting better every day.”

“The current team here in place really cares about what we are trying to do to get better and they’ve been real good.”


Jeana Hines

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Imperial Sugar

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“Advantage Brokerage recommended Adesso.” 

“…a very good program that fit perfectly for the needs of our company.”

“…give us the look and the feel we need to do to the analysis of our promotions and through the deduction process.”

“Today’s meeting was actually very good. Everyone with Adesso has been very helpful.”

Vernetta McDowell

Director of Sales Operations
Reynolds Consumer Brands

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“We’ve been working with Adesso about 8 or 9 years…it’s been actually a great experience.”

“We are part of, and collaborative with you, and you actually come and ask us what’s important to us.”

“I thought the conference was great…soliciting our feedback.”

“Adesso is taking some best practices and incorporating them into the standard tool.”


Bev Melnyk

Senior Sales Operation Manager
New World Pasta—Riviana Foods

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“I like the tool, there’s a lot of enhancements that…are going to be better for us…our sales force and for the end user.”

“…it provides a lot of good information very quickly and it’s very easy to train new hires.”

“…it’s very intuitive, it’s kind of excel based so it’s not difficult to learn. It’s not something that you have a long learning curve with. You can get up and running on it pretty quickly.”

“I think things are good, they’re moving forward in a very positive way.”

Karen Prophet

Promotions & Trade Spend Manager
Idahoan Foods

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“It has been a great system. Our brokers feel this has been user friendly. When we did our upgrade in October, a broker freaked out on me — thought we were leaving Adesso.”

“I like the direction of the product, and especially where Adesso is now creating our foodservice site so we can have one system instead of two separate systems, it’s a big plus for us.”