Adesso Outsourced System Administration

Why Outsource
Your Administration?

Usage Effectiveness
Pays Big Dividends

Number1 Avoid lost time and money from:

  • Admin turnover
  • Re-training
  • Incorrect usage
  • Incorrect data input

Number2 Our dedicated expert knows our system and learns your business, which leads to:

  • Faster administration response time
  • Ensures administration consistency
  • Answers questions

 More affordable than a full-time employee.

We have your team’s go-to person

The Flamingo TPM system is easy to use.

But, like any software, it requires system administration for optimal system effectiveness.

Trade promotion management in general is complicated. By outsourcing the administration to us we make your life easier, the whole process more effective, and let’s your team have the time to focus on planning and selling rather than on administration.

Life changes daily in CPG.

We have intimate knowledge of Flamingo to more efficiently and effectively handle the administration of tasks such as:

  • Adding new retailers, products and users, which need to be set up all the time
  • Promotional plans need to be added or deleted
  • Your interfaces and alerts need to be monitored
  • Your users will have questions – we can answer them quickly

You can hire somebody to do this internally. But what happens when they switch jobs? By outsourcing administration to us you avoid lost time and money from turnover, incorrect usage and inputting of data.

Your team still needs to input their data and enter deals, but our administrator ensures consistency of administration approach, avoids turnover concerns and ismore affordable than a full time employee!

Most importantly, we maximize the consistently correct usage of all aspects of the product.

Here’s how it works:

Number1While all our administrators can help, we assign a dedicated Flamingo Administrator who becomes familiar with your business. Often our clients give them their own email within the client company so it’s clear they are part of your team.

Number2The administrator’s job is to help your team properly and efficiently use Flamingo, to be most effective by taking the administrative burden off your team and handling the various services. The System Administrator covers key functions to ensure optimal performance requiring a resource that:

  • Understands and is close to the Trade Promotion Management business cycle
  • Has the skill set to manage the system

A Summary of Roles
For the Outsourced System Administrator

Monitor /

Reliability /


Data loads
/ extracts

User interfacing

Key Performance Indicators

Add new users

Update Product / Customer tables

Mapping sales organizations

Funds loaded

Annual accounting calendar

Business rule

Maintain active employee access

Approval levels accurate

Reset passwords

Identify employee training needs

New release training

Organizational restructures

First level support

Number 3Additionally, the administrator also conducts monthly “diagnostics” on user interaction with the Flamingo TPM system. By identifying top users by number of days and number of logins you ensure everyone is properly complying with best practices to maximize the effectiveness.

Number 4Your team still needs to input their data and enter deals, but our administrator ensures consistency of administration approach, answers questions and provides user support.


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