Jamaica - System Effectiveness

Our Flamingo TPM System Can Do a Lot

It’s easy to use and keeps getting better.

But there are man-made obstacles to having it perform to its fullest potential, so we created “System Effectiveness”.

System Effectiveness covers 2 critical areas to ensure optimal system usage:

Number1 Outsourced System Administration

Trade promotion management in general is complicated. By outsourcing the administration to us we make your life easier, the whole process more effective, and let your team have the time to focus on planning and selling, rather than on administration.

We have intimate knowledge of Flamingo TPM to more efficiently and effectively handle the administration of tasks. You can hire somebody to do this internally, but what happens when they switch jobs? By outsourcing administration to us you avoid lost time and money from turnover, incorrect usage and inputting of data.


Number2 Training

Training is an investment that generates greater productivity, efficiency and value while providing transparency & accountability. The better the training, the better the wide receiver. The short stop. The 3-point shooter. It’s about getting the optimal results.

The same is true for trade promotion management system users. Sure, you can have them learn on their own or quickly from another user how to input a deal or maybe clear a deduction. But our trade promotion management system can do so much more to help your business compete that you should strive to have all your users be power users.


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