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Smart Dashboards

Get Better Visibility Into Your Trade Promotion Effectiveness

Key Benefits

Benefit Number 1

Easy to read, quick to grasp visuals of critical KPI’s.

Benefit Number 2

Ability to drill down to understand details of results.

Benefit number 3

Real time insights into data.

Smart Dashboards provide time crunched executives and middle managers powerful, highly visual dashboards of critical KPI’s to view macro performance with the ability to then drill down to understand their data in a much more timely and efficient way.

For most manufacturers, the data is often from a variety of data sources and thus most CPG’s struggle to integrate the data to create actionable insights.

Therefore, we have created Smart Dashboards that are based upon best practices for how a CPG manufacturer typically would review and analyze top KPI’s. The Dashboards are configurable to each client’s business.

These insights derived from Smart Dashboards will lead to new ways to think about your business, formulate strategy changes and ultimately drive positive business results.


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