Aruba - Offline Planner

Offline Planner

Key Benefits


All users can develop plan scenarios in familiar spreadsheet format.


Seamlessly integrate final plans from disparate files into the Flamingo TPM system.


  • Save time from double inputting data.
  • Save money by avoiding input errors.

We recognize that almost everyone in CPG uses the familiar spreadsheet during the trade promotion planning process to outline different scenarios. Everyone understands how to use Excel, so they can do their own first pass perspective on next year’s plans.

However, just using spreadsheets has many limitations, particularly the need for double entry once the final plans are approved, which takes time and increases the chance of errors.

Therefore, explore Adesso’s Offline Planner. The Offline Planner allows you to plan alternate scenarios “off-line” in a familiar spreadsheet format but then seamlessly integrates the selected plan into our FLAMINGO TPM system without having to re-input the data – a huge time saver which also avoids input errors.

Key Features

Since plans automatically synchronize with Flamingo TPM system you can:

Number1Replace disparate spreadsheets, saving enormous amount of time for double entry, and reducing error potential.

Conduct “What If” analysis in the Offline Planner and then enter the final plan into Flamingo.

To develop these plans you have the ability to:

  • View historical sales and promotions to plan future periods
  • Simply copy and paste deals from prior years into the Offline Planner
  • Capture total volume and spending plan
  • Track overall sales and spending

The Offline Planner has a huge impact on streamlining the planning process, which helps you SAVE TIME AND MONEY, moving you closer to TPE…and relaxing.

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