Go Beyond TPM (Trade Promotion Management)

And Take the Journey to TPE (Trade Promotion Effectiveness)

Adesso's Journey to TPE

What good is the software if you aren’t using it correctly?

Then, once you have data, do you have the resources to do anything with it?

At the end of the day, you want to maximize your trade spending to generate the greatest sales volume, revenue and profit impact.

It’s not easy, and it’s such a large percentage of most CPG manufacturers’ spending, particularly for small and medium-size manufacturers, that it is very stressful.

We looked at the whole problem and have come up with a comprehensive solution to address it.

TPM software is critical, but it’s only part of the solution. You need to be using the system correctly and efficiently. Then you need to know what to do with the data that’s in it to turn TPM (trade promotion management) into TPE (trade promotion effectiveness).

4 Legs In Journey to TPE

Number1Flamingo TPM

We recommend that you start the Journey with a proven and complete TPM system. Below is a brief summary of our systems, and we invite you to click to learn more:

Flamingo Retail TPM 

Our foundation Flamingo Retail TPM has long-term clients using it, and it has received significant accolades by industry analysts and influencers.

More about Flamingo Retail TPM »

Flamingo Foodservice TPM

We created the only Foodservice TPM System that’s integrated in the Retail TPM System, which has significant ease of use and time saving benefits.

More about Flamingo Foodservice TPM »

Flamingo Natural TPM

Our Natural TPM System is a streamlined version to focus on the specific needs of the natural / specialty segment, who work through distributors.

More about Natural TPM »

Number2Trade Management Services

Most TPM providers leave you after the TPM system is installed and you have received rudimentary training. But we have learned that most SMB CPG’s have limited resources and are not using the TPM system correctly, or to its fullest potential, so we created Trade Management Services:

Offline Planner

Since maximizing TPE starts with a plan, Adesso has created the Offline Planner, which allows you to plan what-if scenarios in a familiar spreadsheet format and then seamlessly integrate the selected plan into our Flamingo TPM System. It saves time and avoids the errors from re-inputting data.

More about Offline Planner »

System Effectiveness

Our Flamingo TPM System can do a lot. It’s easy to use and keeps getting better. But there are man-made obstacles to having it perform to its fullest potential, so we created “System Effectiveness”.

System Effectiveness covers 2 critical areas to ensure optimal system usage:

1. Outsourced System Administration

We provide system expertise for less than the cost of a F/T employee, which helps you avoid lost time and money from typical turnover and retraining issues, which often results in incorrect usage or data input.

We also conduct monthly “diagnostics” on user interaction with the Flamingo TPM system. Identifying top users by number of days and number of logins, you ensure everyone is properly complying with best practices to maximize the effectiveness.

2. Training

Training needs to go beyond the period immediately following installation. We provide a series of services, from online videos to live meetings, to keep your team up to maximum effectiveness.

More about System Effectiveness »

Number 3Executive Analysis

Smart Dashboards

Smart Dashboards provides time crunched executives and middle managers powerful, highly visual dashboards of critical KPI’s to view macro performance, then drill down to understand their data in a much more timely and efficient way. These insights into your data will lead to new ways to think about your business, formulate strategy changes and ultimately drive positive business results.

More about Smart Dashboards »

Data Tubes

Some clients already have other internally created or external BI dashboard programs. Therefore, Data Tubes allow you to transfer your data in the Flamingo TPM system to your BI dashboard program.

More about the Data Tubes »

Number 4 Trade Marketing Services

Once the Flamingo TPM System is up, running and being used to maximum capacity, you also have the need to make the most out of the data that impacts your trade effectiveness. Therefore, based upon the CPG trade backgrounds of our team, we have created several Trade Marketing Services:

Key Account Analysis

Adesso created Key Account Analysis services based upon the principle that 80% of the volume is with 20% of the accounts and promoted product groups, and the fact that most SMB CPG’s have limited time and resources. Therefore, we provide you with your own trade marketing team to analyze both data within the Flamingo TPM System and syndicated data to uncover opportunities for improving performance.

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Key Account Planning

While not for everyone, our trade experts can leverage your Key Account Analysis learnings to help develop customized annual trade marketing strategies, plans and even presentations to sell them to the trade.

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