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Adesso’s Smart Dashboards Empower Clients to Analyze Big Waves of Data to Improve TPM & TPE Decision-Making

Adesso Smart Dashboards Analysis System

Rolling Meadows, IL. – January 17, 2019 – Adesso Solutions announced today the official launch of their Smart Dashboard, a dynamic new reporting & analysis system, which allows users to easily pivot through all necessary information for decision making with customized drill through charts & supporting graphs to quickly and easily make decisions to improve Trade Promotion Effectiveness.

The Smart Dashboards system leverages clients’ data in their Flamingo Trade Promotion Management system, and offers dynamic tables with drag ‘n drop grouping and pivot functionality. In addition, there is a graphical interface with drill-through capabilities for charts. Ongoing “waves” of analysis in this phased approach will quickly follow, and be determined by client input through the company’s interactive TPE Client Community.

Immediate Benefits to Clients:

  • Upon sign-up, Smart Dashboards will be immediately available within Flamingo TPM – there is no setup required.
  • Rapid information access & quick time to business insights.
  • The Smart Dashboards system allows for integration of any & all external information with the extensive information in Flamingo.

“Smart Dashboards is an adaptable analysis system for all trade, which enhances our clients’ understanding of business metrics through a visual, drill-through analysis solution. Therefore, it enables them to monitor these areas thru the lenses of: Product, Customer & Sales Organization hierarchies,” said Rich Jones, Executive Vice President of Technology.

Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso said, “This is the vehicle that moves our clients from TPM to TPE, making better business decisions. It is user-friendly and powerful, coupled with the input and knowledge from our CPG Manufacturer client base.”

For additional information, contact Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at, or Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

About Adesso Solutions

Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small to midsized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages a long history and deep expertise in the industry, and offers the all-encompassing Flamingo TPM system, unique System Effectiveness Services, Trade Analysis & Planning Services, as well as an active community for client collaboration.

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Adesso’s Client Community ‘Migrates’ to the East Coast With the Flamingo TPM System “Key West” Release

Key West Flamingo TPMRolling Meadows, IL. May 31, 2018 – Adesso Solutions announced today the latest Flamingo release, and the Trade Promotion Management (TPM) System’s first migration to the east coast with this release being… Key West!

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“Adesso’s Flamingo Trade Management system is as a standard system,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO of Adesso Solutions. “When we add functionality to the product, every client in our TPE Community has access to it. These releases occur between 3 and 4 times each year, and are guided by user feedback and executive business discussions from our regular client conferences.”  Continue reading


Adesso Launches the “Santa Monica” Release of Their Flamingo TPM System


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Adesso Launches New Foodservice Trade Promotion Management Product

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