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Why Now? (Top 10 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to a TPM Solution)

Adesso Switch from Spreadsheets to Flamingo TPM System

To Switch from Spreadsheets to a TPM Solution…Now vs. Later

Do you experience any of these Trade Promotion Management challenges?

“You are never too small to add a TPM Solution!

Adesso is focused on North America through trade effectiveness and best practice sharing in addition to software.

They have deep industry expertise and offer a complete TPM solution that is a good value for the money. Is it intuitive and easy to use.”

Dale Hagemeyer
Partner & Analyst

Promotion Optimization Institute

1…Trade spending represents 15-25% of your budget!

2…You invoice retailers, and only receive payment of about 40%, and have little to no idea what the difference is.

3…Your spreadsheets are not accurately managing the complexity of managing trade promotions.

4…Reconciliation of MCBs/deductions is overwhelming & time consuming.

5…You have limited reporting, and lack a graphical calendar view of your promotions.

6…Your internal team & broker partners are not working with the same info & you could leverage the broker partnership better.

7…A TPM System seems too costly, so you feel it’s too early for you.

8…You feel a TPM System may be complex, and you do not have internal staff to handle a system.

9…You are relatively new to the CPG industry & could use experience & resources.

10…You’ve heard it takes months to set up a system, and the return on your investment would not be soon enough.

May we show you an example of how we have helped our client-partners address these challenges?

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Adesso Joins Back-to-School Excitement & Launches 1st Semester TPM Course Offerings at “Adesso University”

Adesso U - Flamingo TPM Training & Certification ProgramRolling Meadows, IL. August 15, 2018 – As the Adesso Client Community begins to prepare for their kids embarking on the brand new school year, Adesso proudly presents the first semester course offerings of “Adesso University”, the company’s newly expanded and formalized training initiative. This training program expands upon the existing new-client training already offered to Flamingo TPM client-partners. It presents a new initiative that aims to assist the client and broker partner community in leveraging Adesso’s Flamingo TPM system to achieve best practices in trade promotion management through ongoing and consistent training opportunities through a variety of media.

The first semester of course offerings will include webinars, offered at multiple timeslots, with a focus on business process and best practices as they relate to and compliment Flamingo TPM system usage. This initial phase will include some intro level offerings, such as New Deals 101 and Deductions 101, among others. After Initial Training as a prerequisite, Offline Planner 201 will also be offered in the Fall Semester. And for existing clients upgrading to the latest release, Key West A1A will be offered.  Unfortunately, it will not be offered ‘on location’ at this time.

“We are working hard to keep our training relevant to our client partner’s business objectives, and integrating Best Practices into this is a major step. A key objective is to keep folks engaged and wanting more, so it is a different approach,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “It will also be fun, as well as, very educational – it is a process, and it is our role to be partners to improve their results!”

About Adesso Solutions

Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small to medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages a long history and deep expertise in the industry, and offers the all-encompassing Flamingo TPM system, unique System Effectiveness Services, Trade Analysis & Planning Services, as well as an active community for client collaboration.


Webinar: Gain Better Control of Trade Spending & MCB’s

Would You Like Better Control of Your Trade Spending & MCB’s?

Your trade spending is probably around 25% of your revenue as most CPG manufacturers. Are you managing this using spreadsheets? To know where your dollars are spent and to make them work harder – and to manage your deductions/MCB’s better – may we suggest a better option?

How about a Trade Promotion Management solution that is

affordable, quick to set up & easy to use?

Interested? Join a webinar – for a quick overview and demo!

Here’s why:

We have made our Flamingo system affordable to manufacturers in the Natural-Specialty segment…it is priced based on your company size, with unlimited user licenses. And the solution grows as you do!

You’ll be up, running, and generating results quickly. In fact, if you’re using QuickBooks, our interface enables you to be up in as little as a week! And we handle the administration!

No need to worry about complexity – it is simpler than spreadsheets, and your team and brokers will love it! The system will even manage approvals and send daily reminders to your team to make your life easier. Plus, our ongoing training program has live training, ease-of-use materials and webinars to for continual improvements to usage and accuracy.

To find out how YOU can be live in Flamingo WITHIN A WEEK,
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Coming in ON BUDGET is a Beautiful Thing!

Coming in On Budget with Adesso

What % of your budget is TRADE SPENDING?

Would you like to have better control of your trade dollars?

If so, here is why you might want to know more about a
TPM solution that’s tailored specifically to you:

It’s extremely affordable…
you get a full trade system, and we handle the administration!

It’s quick to set up…
in as little as 5 days if you’re on QuickBooks!

It’s easy to use…
in fact, it is simpler than spreadsheets;
your team and brokers will love it!

We enjoyed meeting you at Expo West!

For more information about how you can
get better control of your trade spending and MCB’s,
please submit the quick form below.

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You Can Have Better Visibility Into Your Trade Spending in Just 1 Week!

Gain better visibility into trade spending with Adesso

What % of Your Budget is Trade Spending?

To know where your dollars are spent and to make them work harder,
here are 5 reasons to consider Adesso’s Flamingo TPM:

The new fees from Whole Foods will be another area of change – and increased spending.

The upcharge from distributors is not always known to you in advance, so your retail price isn’t what you thought it was set to be.

You’re unable to see exactly where your promotion dollars are being spent.

Deduction/MCB management is an accounting nightmare, and it is a challenge to hire someone who has the expertise.

You and your CFO are constantly wondering what you’ve spent at retailers through distributors, and would like accountability.

If you’re on QuickBooks, you’ll be up, running – and generating results – within a week, and it grows as you do.

And do not worry about complexity – it is simpler than spreadsheets for your team, and brokers love it, too!

To find out how YOU can be LIVE in Flamingo WITHIN A WEEK,
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Flamingle With Adesso!

Is Trade Spending a Significant % of Your Revenue?

Trade spending is often well over 25% of revenue for most CPG manufacturers.
How does this compare to yours?

Are you looking for an easier
and more accurate way to manage trade?

You may want to know more about a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution that’s tailored specifically to YOU, and that works for your budget.

It is less time-consuming and less prone to errors and inaccuracies than using spreadsheets. Your entire team has access to real-time, accurate information of your trade spending.

Why Adesso’s Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM?

Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM is a complete Trade Promotion Management system, specifically suited for your business, with supporting services that will help you make the best of your investment.

❶ It’s extremely affordable…

Historically TPM systems were too costly for the Natural-Specialty market. We have addressed that, and have the only system that is tailored to YOUR budget. You get the value of a full trade system, and we handle the administration.

❷ It’s quick to set up…

How do we do this?

All interfaces are pre-built and configured, so we get you set up immediately. In fact, you can be up and running within a week!

❸ It’s easy to use…

Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM is intuitive to use, and has built-in reminders and alerts that guide you when there is something you need to take care of to better manage your trade spending.

In addition, we train you and your team…both initially, and ongoing.

Do you use QuickBooks?

Flamingo even talks to your QuickBooks, to make management of your promotions and manufacturer chargebacks (MCB’s) on a regular basis even simpler!

“Flamingle” with us!

We’d love to meet you!

Let’s have a conversation to see what Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM can do for YOUR trade spending budget!

Fill out the form below. We can stop by to introduce ourselves at Expo East, and would be glad to set up a meeting to give you more details about what Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM can do for you.

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Educational Group & Resources for Emerging Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

We Invite You to Gain Access to Educational Resources,
and Join Peer & Industry Expert Collaboration

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry is complex, and often leaders and entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with challenges such as managing manufacturer chargebacks, understanding trade spending and expectations, maintaining a sustainable gross margin, and the relationships with retailers and distributors.

Below are two resources that will help you to begin to understand how to navigate the complexity:

Natural & Specialty CPGs Discussion Group1. Join a Discussion Group for Natural & Specialty CPGs:

For individuals looking to learn more about how to navigate the unique, complex CPG industry, where peers and industry experts share best practices to improve the collective trade promotion effectiveness.

Ask to Join Now

Adesso White Paper for Emerging Natural-Specialty CPG Manufacturers2. Sign Up to Receive the Upcoming White Paper:

Our white paper series focuses on topics that arm you with knowledge and recommendations you can implement for immediate process improvement.
Next up: “5 Keys to Competing and Surviving in the Natural-Specialty Segment of the CPG Industry.”

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Natural-Specialty TPM Webinars & Regional Seminars


Trade Spending
Got You All Twisted?

Deductions from KeHE, UNFI & others
should not be a surprise.

Adesso’s Natural TPM can help.

Our Natural TPM System, specifically designed for the Natural-Specialty market, gives you visibility into distributor deductions for better control of trade spending.

You’ll clear deductions faster, easier, and with less people; saving you time and money.

Adesso will be scheduling webinars, as well as regional seminars for Natural-Specialty Food manufacturers between July and September, 2016, to demonstrate the benefits of controlling deductions and trade spending.


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