However, We Make a Major Difference Supporting Small-Midsize North American CPG Manufacturers.

by Fred Schroeder

Others in our industry have recently touted their penetration for various types of systems, not simply Trade Effectiveness, across the Forbes Global ‘Top 25 Food & Beverage’ list. Over half of this list is comprised of tobacco, alcohol and durables, with a highly global presence. We don’t have, nor do we aspire to have, any clients on this list. 

Our vision is ‘To be the leading, most respected & most recognized partner in the area of trade spending management & effectiveness for small to midsize CPG manufacturers in North America based on our clients’ outstanding results & experience.’

So, at Adesso, we hire team members that clearly have demonstrated a knowledge in the North American CPG market. Specifically around the uniqueness, challenges and opportunities our clients and ‘not yet’ clients face every day in trade spending.

This is clearly reinforced by Promotion Optimization Institute Partner and Analyst, Dale Hagemeyer, describing Adesso as “…focused on North America through trade effectiveness and best practice sharing in addition to software…” and “…deep industry expertise and knowledge of the North American market.”

Why is a Client Community for SMB CPGs Important to Our Clients? Client collaboration, candid feedback into the ongoing evolution of Adesso’s system and services, as well as best practices sharing, are integral elements of the Adesso TPE Community.

Dale Hagemeyer described this community as “an enhancement request program that leads to prioritization and possible upgrades across the platform. Users then have the option of whether or not to deploy the new feature.” Hagemeyer also noted, “Client upgrade activity continues to be strong as a sign of satisfaction and commitment.” He continued, “We also like the way the company seeks to facilitate interactions between user organizations at its own seminars or other events to facilitate best practice transfer.”

Unlike others in our industry, we do not aim to serve the ‘Forbes Top 25 Food & Beverage Companies’, nor global conglomerates. Our client-partners are small to midsize CPG manufacturers in the North American market with similar challenges and opportunities, looking to effectively track and manage their trade spending and become more effective through a community-based approach.

If you are looking for the best TPM system, supporting services to improve usage from your team and eliminate unnecessary administration at a fair price with immediate ROI, contact Adesso.

And feel free to ask our clients!