Whats With The Flamingo

What’s with the Flamingo?

We decided we needed a new logo for our new focus on Trade Promotion Effectiveness. But it couldn’t be just another “high-tech” looking graphic that was meaningless. Hey, this was important!

So we started to think about our target customer – the small and medium sized CPG manufacturers. They have a bunch of things in common, but the biggest seemed to be the stress they are under as they manage trade promotions in general, and trying to compete with the larger Tier 1 manufacturers in particular. These big guys had #1 and #2 brands, huge resources, consumer support, large trade budgets, customer teams and expensive trade promotion management solutions.

Yikes! We got stressed just thinking about it.

Our goal: To help our clients “relax.” But we had to deliver real benefits to do so.

That’s where the community concept came in.

If we could bond all of our clients together to collaborate on the most effective trade promotion strategies per retailer, our collective “community” of clients could better compete with their respective brand leaders. Then they could at least start to relax.

So, what represents “community” and “relaxing”?

Right, Flamingos! Community is a huge part of Flamingo life. They live in large flocks for protection from predators. Just like small and medium sized CPG companies who can flock together to protect each other from retailers and Tier 1 predators.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t look at a Flamingo and think warm weather and beach, which leads to vacation, a few margaritas and…relaxation.