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We are CPG Trade Experts who know your trade promotion challenges and how to address them.

“Man, you folks really understand our business!”

That’s a phrase we often hear after meeting with prospective clients for the first time. They then go on to say how refreshing it was to speak with us, since so many of the other TPM providers “speak software” to these senior sales and trade executives.

It’s not surprising, because if you look at the bios of their executives vs. ours, it’s clear we come from 2 different worlds. We worked at CPG manufacturers in sales, trade marketing, category management, trade finance, etc. They worked in IT and developed software. Two different skill sets, two different ways of approaching the business.

For example, Fred Schroeder (our CEO) was in sales at P&G and in senior sales management at Minute Maid. responsible for managing $100’s of millions in trade spending as Minute Maid battled Tropicana – a high trade spend category.

Therefore, we have a comprehensive understanding of best practices for both trade spending at former manufacturers, and in developing, implementing and maximizing trade promotion management software tools that reflect the business needs of CPG senior sales and trade executives.

Recognizing the need to go beyond the typical software and IT backgrounds that are the foundation of most of the other TPM providers, Fred has assembled a team of CPG Trade Experts with intimate knowledge of trade best practices to help develop and maximize usage of the TPM system and even create innovative Trade Management and Trade Marketing services to make your trade spending more effective.

Additionally, and unusually, even our software developers are well versed in the complexities and nomenclature of trade spending – so it’s not foreign to them. Speaking of foreign, our developers and services teams are all fulltime US based employees, and the average tenure of our development team is 7.5 years.

We are confident that compared to other TPM providers our overall manufacturer side CPG expertise is vastly superior.