Why Adesso's Trade Promotion Management?

Why Adesso Reason 1

We have many long term clients who have successfully used our Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system, and helped shape future functionality development for years.

There’s no better proof of success and value than clients who have stayed with a TPM provider for a long time. Clients who started using one component or TPM feature, and have provided input into what else they could use to help manage their trade spending better to grow their business. They’ve not only stayed a long time, they’re our best sales reps, and are willing to speak with prospects about their journey to TPE with Adesso.


Why Adesso Reason 2

We often hear that providers don’t understand your business: that’s why we hire trade experts who formerly managed millions of trade $ at CPG manufacturers.

The reality is most TPM solutions were designed by “software” people. They want to demo for you, because that’s all they know – the product. Sure, you need a functional, easy-to-use, standard SaaS TPM system, based upon best practices, offering visibility & spending control. We’ve got the best one.

However, before selecting a provider, conduct background checks to ensure: 

☑ the team has deep CPG manufacturer-side trade experience – from the management team down.

☑ the team has managed millions of trade $’s at major CPG manufacturers with an understanding of best practices and how the different major retailers go-to-market.

☑ there’s a U.S. based development team that knows CPG industry; no offshore development, which often results in things being “lost in translation”.


Why Adesso Reason 3We go beyond Trade Promotion Management software and help you take the Journey to TPE to improve your overall Trade Promotion Effectiveness.  

Too often CPG manufacturers select a TPM provider based on “seeing the demo.” Our Flamingo TPM System is a proven success with many satisfied long term client partners using it. But we go beyond just supplying TPM software, with Trade Management Services that help you use and administer the TPM system effectively, which many TPM providers don’t even consider. We then go beyond the software, and offer innovative Trade Marketing Services that help you analyze how your trade spending is working to determine how to make your trade dollars work harder and improve your overall trade promotion effectiveness, we call TPE.


Why Adesso Reason 4We offer a communityworking together to become more effective, efficient & profitable!

We bring together SMB CPG’s to form a true community. Our clients participate in determining our product roadmap and service initiatives via committees and frequent conferences where they can communicate with peers who have similar trade and business issues and opportunities.