Adesso's TPM Setup Process

About Our Setup Process

At Adesso we make the installation and setup process of the Flamingo TPM system as simple and painless as possible.

Setup is a lot easier than in the old days of TPM, where the system was custom designed. Flamingo TPM is a “standard” SaaS (software as a service) product, so there is no customization because our trade experts, using best practices, have already built in the key functionality that you will need to effectively manage and control your trade spending. Consequently, we have many clients, small, midsized and even a few large clients, successfully using Flamingo to manage their trade funds.

Therefore, we take the same approach with every client. We guide you through the process because most small and medium size CPG manufacturers either haven’t done it before or, if they have, it hasn’t gone well.


Adesso will walk you through the steps that need to be taken in a clear, methodical manner so that you get up and running ASAP. However, you still have responsibilities, which are outlined in the Client Responsibilities section.

Client Responsibilities

To maximize setup, it is critical that someone in your office is the point person to ensure your responsibilities are addressed.

Once the point person is determined, there are 5 key responsibilities for you to determine.

BUT NO WORRIES! We don’t just turn it over to you and have you try to figure it out. We work with your point person and your team to walk you through the process. Points 1-4 typically require senior sales and management input that relates to how you go to market. Point #5, Interfaces, admittedly requires interaction with someone who handles your IT (i.e., a department, person or outsourced group). Rest assured that whoever you use, we have the experience to make sure we interface with your ERP system so that it is a seamless transfer of needed data. And we’ve done this many times, and know that it works. We just have to get you up and running.

  1. Customer Hierarchy: Typically organized by sales structure; Territory, Broker, Bill-to customer, Ship-to customer
  2. Product Hierarchy: Organized by report levels and promotion strategy; Category, Brand, Promoted Group, SKU
  3. Funds: Fixed Budget or Accrual? How are funds currently managed?
  4. Calendar set up: Establish annual & monthly periods; Promote and spend based on the year; report based on the monthly periods
  5. Interfaces: Data Interfaces; Initial Loads (historical & current), Imports, Exports and System Configuration

Adesso Responsibilities

Our job is to set you up on the Flamingo TPM system as quickly and as easily as possible, so you can start maximizing your trade promotion effectiveness.

Therefore, we have determined from experience that the key to that goal is to have ongoing communication and weekly meetings as we move along the setup path.

Next, we need to follow our disciplined process. The overall setup should take between 12-16 weeks as we go through each step:

  1. AdessoSetupProject Start: Reviewing set-up plan, teams and roles, test site set-up
  2. Gather Information: Hierarchies, Funds, Calendar, Interfaces
  3. Execution: Interface with your data to load the system
  4. Validation: Ensuring the data loading was accurate
  5. End User Training: First stage training to start the process
  6. Go Live: Begin planning and managing your trade funds

Our team works with your team to make sure we are on track.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will be both surprised and delighted with your setup, and as you begin to use the Flamingo TPM system:

  1. It’s not that hard, and we have a very clear approach for the process
  2. We do most of the work – and you will be up & running in 12-16 weeks
  3. We have clear definitions and timelines for what you need to do
  4. The goal is to make both the set-up and usage as easy for you as possible
  5. You will be on the best TPM system in the industry that gets better daily
  6. Your life will be easier, and your trade promotion effectiveness will improve – and you will relax!