Adesso's WebPay

WebPay – A sophisticated but simple collaborative online check writing solution
that makes trade promotion settlement easy and trackable in real time.

Benefit Summary

Adesso’s Webpay, our collaborative online solution, provides a clear view of your trade promotion settlement cycle.

This online check writing solution can help you:

  • Improve field sales and customer relationships with better service.
  • Enhance visibility into payment cycle status.
  • Complete the alignment of brand spending.
  • Securely automate procedures while reducing errors and manual labor.

WebPay easily manages secure online payments for:

  • Samples.
  • Promotions.
  • Un-salable products.
  • Incentive programs.
  • Security deposits.
  • Trade and non-trade items.
  • Other sales and logistics-related expenses.
  • Define workflows and business rules so you can make payments with confidence, accuracy and control. Webpay gives you full visibility as each transaction is logged and time-stamped to ensure compliance with internal and external auditing procedures.

Other features of WebPay:

  • Configure security settings to manage, by role, who can create/edit/approve payment requests.
  • Real-time visibility to payments with improved spending and cash flow forecasting details.
  • Flexible controls for centralized or decentralized check printing.
  • Easily integrate payment data with all ERP systems.
  • Available validation services for processing and auditing controls.
  • Full-view of payments process from request through bank clearing.
  • Securely stores check images and supporting backup online.
  • Convenient upload process for bulk payments processing.