Fun Stuff

At Adesso, we are COMMITTED to helping YOU relax
about your trade spending.

So much so that we also provide you some fun stuff to make the experience all the more relaxing!

Exclusive to Adesso Clients:

We invite you to give us a call to inquire how you can get some Adesso Cool Stuff
free of charge – at 847-342-1095 (extension 4031; Karin Souren).

Adesso Stationary Kit


Show your Adesso pride within your office – and share with colleagues!

Request your kit today!

(Note: Actual items in kit may vary, based on availability.)

“No Worries, Trade is in Good Shape” Flamingo Frame


The “No Worries, trade is in good shape” flamingo frame is one of our most frequently requested items.

Complete with its bead board frame, this is the perfect way to bring in a little beach atmosphere to help you relax in the office!

Request this frame!

Adesso Beach Chair Cell Phone Holder for Desk

Adesso Beach Chair Cell Holder


Did you get your cell phone holder at the Tiki Time Conference? If not – we’ll gladly send you one!

Request your cell phone holder
(or a few for friends in the office!)

2015 Disney “Adesso-Garitaville” T-Shirt



Did you or a colleague miss out on getting one of our cool conference t-shirts? No problem! We’ll take care of it!

Request a t-shirt (or a few!) And let us know the size(s) you need!

Relax to the sound of waves...

Sounds to Relax To

2015 Adesso Holiday CD
Click to request the 2015 Holiday CD
2015 Adesso TPE Community Conference CD
Click to request the 2015 Disney Conference CD
2014 Adesso Surfin' Safari CD
Click to request the 2014 Surfin' Safari CD
2014 Adesso Surfin' Safari CD
Click to request the 2014
Fun Fun Fun CD