Adesso TPE Community

Overview of the TPE Community

Strength in numbers. Collaboration. Community.

Working together to become more effective, efficient and profitable!

With a common goal: trade promotion effectiveness, TPE, a new acronym that represents what is missing in the TPM marketplace. It delivers real and measureable results from trade spending.

We started the TPE community with input from our core clients to deliver a host of benefits for them. It’s their community, their solution and the services that are important to help them improve their trade promotion effectiveness.


Number1 The TPE Online Community

For sharing, discussions, etc. Sign up for either the general CPG Community or the Adesso Client Community, or both!

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Number2 Client Executive Committee

Sales VP level executives who help guide community priorities and discuss key trade issues to address collectively.

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Number3 Client User Groups

Participate in conferences and other events to help improve TPM solutions & services.

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Key metrics at top retailers and distributors to see how your brand’s metrics compare to the community at large.

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 Number5Client Community Programs

To sell key retailers based upon Adesso knowledge of how these retailers go-to-market.

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