The Adesso Sales Leadership Community

Welcome to The Adesso Sales Leadership Community

Based on client recommendations, we are launching a Sales Leadership Community at Adesso. This will be your group. It is an opportunity for sales executives to address industry issues, collective challenges, and all the areas a ‘share group’ discusses. As well as lead some of the key initiatives we are working to assist you in addressing. This, however, will be comprised of small to midsize companies.

It will kick off at the Adesso TPE Community Conference in a couple of weeks, but if you will not be attending and have an interest, please let us know, and we will certainly include you in the next session – most likely to take place in the June/July period in the central US.   Unless you have a different perspective.

What is it, and why join?

  • An SMB “Share Group” for Sales Leaders at Adesso’s client-partners.
  • An opportunity for sales executives to address industry issues, collective challenges, and spearhead the real needs of Flamingo moving forward!
  • A unique opportunity to spend time with your peers, schedule guest speakers, generate new perspectives, and ideally solve some issues you may have.

Questions / Comments?

We welcome you to contact us for more details, and with any questions you may have!

Why Attend a Community Event with Adesso?

"Always 1st class with Adesso!! Great job."

"Good conference. Very informative. Roadmap looks promising. Lots of good info to take home to our exec."

"Everything A++ from start to finish. You went above and beyond on everything!!"

"Very impressive conference; made me feel valued & appreciated. Well run."

"Thought the conference was great. Relevant topics, well presented."

"Adesso team did a great job presenting material. I thought the panel discussion was a great idea."

"There was nothing about the conference that I did not like, which is a bit surprising. Industry conferences typically have 50-75% of topics that are not relevant to our business. Everything we heard here was appropriate to us."

"The venue and Adesso staff were amazing. Thank you for everything..."

"Overall, I am impressed with Adesso's 1st User Conference and rate as 'Excellent'." "Thank you for the opportunity to see Jim Palmer speak, and also to have the photo and autograph session! You guys really thought of everything!"

"Mark Parker's opening presentation on Thursday was extremely relevant to the journey we are on."