Adesso Training

Training generates greater productivity, efficiency and value, while providing transparency and accountability.

The better the training, the better the wide receiver. The short stop. The 3-point shooter. It’s about getting the optimal results.

Why Invest in Training?


 Greater efficiency:

  • Users learn the system faster.


 Greater productivity:

  • Users use the system to its full capabilities.



  • Managers see accurate results from every user.



  • Manage the business and performance by data.

The same is true for trade promotion management product users. Sure you can have them learn on their own, or quickly from another user how to input a deal or maybe clear a deduction. But our trade promotion management system can do so much more to help your business compete, so we recommend that you should strive to have all your users be power users.

And it goes beyond just the administrative people and sales folks inputting deals. Adesso’s Flamingo TPM system dashboards and reports are very robust and can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of senior executives as well.

Invest in your power users!

Adesso’s Flamingo trade promotion management system can be a central tool to help almost everyone in small and medium sized consumer packaged goods manufacturers – from the C-level executives to sales, marketing, finance, operations and sales agency/brokers. That is, if they are trained to use it properly.

Therefore, Adesso is meeting the training needs of today’s workforce requiring flexibility with a variety of training tools including 4 Training Vehicles and 2 Levels of Training Packages, flexible to meet your needs.

Our Training Vehicles

Practice makes perfect, but you need to practice perfectly.

2 Training Packages

For new clients, we recommend starting with the Hanging Ten package for your team:

Number1 Hanging Ten

  • Two days on-site Flamingo training each calendar year
  • Customized training material using your data
  • New release training
  • Access to complete video library
  • Access to on-line chat
  • Access to all Webinars

Once you are fully functional, you may want to switch to a Body Surfing Package for Year 2 and for new team members:

Number2 Body Surfing

  • New release training
  • Access to complete video library
  • Access to On-line chat
  • Access to all Webinars

Therefore, Adesso has created 4 Training Vehicles to meet your needs:

Number1 On-Site / In-House at your office

  • Instructor lead
  • Customized & hands on
  • Efficient & convenient to get your team all in one place

Number2 Webinars

  • Live instructor presentations
  • Ability to interact and ask & answer questions

Number3  Online Chats

  • Open forum to discuss Best Practices & specific issues

Number4  Videos

  • Pre-recorded “How To” videos.
  • Learn what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.
  • Phase I Video Clips Include:
  1. Entering volume
  2. Create a deal
  3. Clear a deal
  4. Attach documents
  5. Dashboard
  6. Promotion calendar

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