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Key Account Planning

Key Account Planning improves TPE by developing better trade spending strategies, tactics and even trade presentations to sell them in.

How does Key Account Planning Work?

Key Benefits

Number1 Address Your Lack of
Time & Resources:

  • Our trade experts provide time and expertise for analysis, strategic thinking and presentation approaches to maximize your trade plans.

Number2 Utilize Best Practices from:

  • Our CPG trade backgrounds at major manufacturers.
  • Knowledge of go-to-market strategies at top retailers.
  • Working with our clients which are similar by retailer.

It builds upon Key Account Analysis learnings and recommends trade strategies.

Once Key Account Analysis has been done across an account(s) and promoted product group(s) basis, you will have a perspective of the opportunities for improving your trade promotion effectiveness. Depending upon the depth of your Key Account Analysis, and your overall trade and business goals, you may determine you need additional data acquisition and analysis on a broader scale or for different accounts or promoted product groups.

Once all the analysis is complete, Adesso’s CPG Trade Experts consider and recommend trade strategies and tactics and then develop customized trade plans for each retailer by promoted product group including both:

  • Annual plans by month by account.
  • Key account trade presentations.

In essence, it’s cost effective consulting for the small to medium CPG manufacturer. It’s based upon the ongoing knowledge of both our experienced trade experts and from the experience analyzing the same key accounts, which are similar for all our Adesso client partners in the TPE Community.

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