Key Largo - Key Account Analysis

Trade Spending Analysis Challenges

Organizations like yours have a variety of ongoing challenges around trade spending analysis. What is working and what is not working?

Many ask these same questions:

“How do I make my trade dollars work harder?”

“How do I leverage trade spending to make my objectives; volume, trade effectiveness, share, customer profitability, whatever they are?”

“Then, how do I empower my field sales team, typically including brokers/sales agencies to execute on this improvement?”

It has been a challenge for the last 20 or more years.

We will not quote all the studies; you understand it and feel it every time a major ad runs and volume doesn’t hit target.

  • First:
    clearly understanding all the ins and outs of your trade budget is challenging.
  • Second:
    you have limited resources.
  • Third:
    there are more than enough “solutions” out there to review.

You need focus on making trade work harder…like now!

Key Benefits

The real benefit to this service is we provide you with what you don’t currently have: a ton of time and resources. Nor do you have to hire resources to increase your effectiveness. Significant cost savings.

You also get expertise you cannot buy in the open market; individuals with deep retailer, manufacturer and trade marketing experience. Our results have ranged from $120,000 in opportunities into the millions! Yes, at one retailer over a year!

And there is absolutely no risk to you!

What is Key Account Analysis?

This is a unique approach, solution and service offering, that you cannot find anywhere else on the market today. It includes a proprietary software solution that seamlessly integrates disparate data/information sources and seamlessly creates an analysis template.

Our team of expert trade analysts then provides you with the specific opportunities to improve your trade effectiveness by saving dollars, redeploying your investment or changing tactics based on our vast knowledge across our manufacturer clients. All within a few weeks from when you provide the information.

It’s as if you have your own retailer specific analysis team! Well, the reality is you do! And, it is 100% guaranteed. There is nothing but upside on your part.

How does this work?

It’s a very simple process for you. No need to worry, we will tell you the specifics. In less than 2 weeks, we will set up a meeting to have an initial discussion, ask some additional questions and let you know what we are finding. We are in this together.

A few weeks later, we will schedule a more formal review and presentation. We also help uncover issues you may not even know you may be having, such as diverting product, execution issues, and competitive activity, among other areas. Typically, clients are excited and want to expand the effort.

“We just want to help,
and let you relax.

Get to your daughter’s soccer game on time. See your son’s play. Don’t worry about stuff like this on your vacation.

That’s why we are here!”

— Adesso Solutions

Next Steps

It is very simple. Call us and tell us about a retailer where you have challenges, opportunities or both. Identify a promoted group. We take care of the rest. As part of your team!

Call us about Key Account Analysis!