Adesso Foodservice TPM

Foodservice TPM

For CPG food companies with a foodservice business, Adesso has created the ONLY TPM SOLUTION with foodservice integrated into the retail TPM system!

Benefit Summary

Number1Review both Retail & Foodservice within same solution.

Number2Huge administrative advantages:

  • 1 set of ERP interfaces
  • Users trained on only 1 system
  • Only one IT administrator

Until now, the CPG food industry has had to manage their trade spending for retail and food service in 2 very different systems. While the differences between going to market and managing trade spending in retail vs. foodservice are significant, having the management of it in 2 different software solutions is an administrative nightmare.

Therefore, Adesso, working with our client partners, created a TPM system that integrates foodservice into our Flamingo TPM retail system so that you can quickly review the status of both businesses without having to switch solutions; delivering huge administrative benefits, such as:

  • 1 set of interfaces into your ERP system
  • Users only need to be trained on one system
  • Even the ability to have only one administrator, if the same person works on both retail and foodservice

Key Features

Our Foodservice TPM system allows you to fully plan, budget, track, forecast, report and reconcile foodservice trade spending as follows:

  • Manage contracts
  • Track bids
  • Manage buying groups and group purchasing organizations
  • Manage operator contracts
  • Manage claims
  • Buying group reporting
  • Manage re-distributor shipments and trade spending
  • Holistic view of all spending against a distributor, including buying groups, operators and re-distributors
  • Mange budgets and forecasts for both volume and spending

Adesso’s unique Foodservice TPM system integrated into the Flamingo TPM Retail system is another way Adesso helps you SAVE TIME AND MONEY on your Journey to TPE…and relaxing.