Adesso's Flamingo TPM Product

FLAMINGO TPM – Adesso’s Trade Promotion Management System

You’ll love how easy it is to use!

A system is only effective if it is used. That may seem like “duh” but that’s a big issue in the TPM space. Too often TPM systems are so complicated that the training is longer and harder, and the users struggle with simple input tasks. If it takes too many “clicks” and too much time to “enter a promotion” user adoption is going to be low.

The problem is that these systems are frequently built by programmers who don’t understand TPM from a business perspective, with limited industry and business input.

We built our common trade promotion management SaaS product with input and experience of both our executives and key clients who have actually been responsible for managing trade promotion plans, budgets, spending and reconciliation.

Flamingo TPM. It’s trade promotion management made easy.

You need a better TPM system. WE HAVE ONE.

In 2012, we migrated to a SaaS common platform (.Net) in the cloud to enhance usability, functionality, visibility and updates. It avoids the costs and time for updates that make customized solutions inefficient and ineffective for everyone.

Why do we feel so confident that our TPM system is the best way to go now and long term? Because our collective team has a unique combination of experience, at major CPG manufacturers in sales and trade marketing positions, plus we have worked at every major TPM provider – the big guys and the niche players: CPG Manufacturer Experience in TPM, and TPM Provider Experience!


Is Flamingo right for you?

So find out how our TPM product can be configured to your business. It’s flexible to easily adapt to change. Covering all the basics you need to manage your trade spending including:

  • Trade budgeting, planning and execution
  • Reporting and post-promotion analysis
  • Deduction and settlement management

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